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By Cait Schut

Earlier this year, we announced Canada Malting Co.’s exciting new adjunct and bagging facility, which brings most of their adjunct production in-house, rather than outsourcing to other facilities.  

As part of this transition, Canada Malting Co. has also refreshed the packaging design for their adjunct products, now called ‘Premier Adjunct Grains’. You may start to see this new packaging arrive soon, if you haven’t already.  

Product Information

The quality, specifications, and COA’s for the adjuncts produced in the new facility remain the same and will not impact your beers or spirits. The only visible difference that you may notice is with the flaked oats. The new Premier Flaked Oats produced at Canada Malting Co.’s facility feature a larger particle size, which improves filterability during beverage production, but will not change the characteristics or quality of your craft beverages.  

Item Numbers

As Canada Malting Co. ramps up production at their new facility, you may start to see a new item number, or SKU, associated with your order. The variation in item number is used to identify the facility where it was produced but doesn’t reflect a difference in product. Here are the new SKUs along with the corresponding previous SKU.  

Benefits –

Canada Malting Co.’s new in-house adjunct production facility offers a few key benefits to both their operations and our customers. These include:   

  • More reliable inventory of adjunct products, alleviating out-of-stock issues for customers.
  • Greater control of the supply chain allowing them to pass cost-savings to us and our customers.
  • Utilizes state-of-the-art adjunct production technology and practices geared towards the beverage industry, rather than the food industry.
  • Consolidates grain sourcing and leverages Canada Malting Co.’s extensive grain network.

Canada Malting Co. adjunct products are sold exclusively through Country Malt Group (CMG). Brewers should note that there may be a slight differentiation in product appearance, but overall application is the same, with improved quality.

Click here to listen to CMG’s podcast episode regarding the new adjunct facility featuring guests from Canada Malting Co.

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Coming November 2023!

Coming November 2023!

Coming November 2023!