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By Abi Conner

We’ve rounded up our latest product news and reminders all in one convenient place! From new malts and flavorings to innovative product solutions, we’ve got you covered. Add them to your next pallet and stock up on everything you need to support your craft.

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Fawcett Roasted/Toasted Oat Malt

Thomas Fawcett and Sons’ Roasted/Toasted Oat Malt (TF-TOAT) gives a subtle toasted oat biscuit and nutty flavor with a slightly smoky aroma, that results in a hint of coffee but is smoother and sweeter than amber barley malt. It imparts a fuller body and enhances mouthfeel of the finished beer.

Fawcett Crystal Oat Malt

Thomas Fawcett and Sons’ Crystal Oat Malt (TF-COAT) gives a light caramel-toffee flavor with a slightly sweet grainy aroma, restrained compared to barley crystal malt, with additional dryness from the husk material. It imparts body and enhanced mouthfeel to the finished beer.

Loughran Family Ale Malt 

Loughran’s Pale Ale Malt (LF-PALE) comes from fertile soils, cool growing seasons and plenty of ‘soft days’ to produce plump malting barley which is low in protein, high in extract, and packed full of flavor.

Bairds Pilsen/Lager Malt 

A European-style Pilsen Malt from Bairds. Pilsen/Lager Malt (BD-PILS) is a low-color, high-extract, light-flavored malt. It’s perfect for brewing in the style of malty light-colored lagers or light ales.

Great Western Malting Organic Two-Row Malt

Produced from organic Western U.S. barley; Great Western Malting’s Organic Two Row (GW-O2RP) is processed meticulously to create a balanced flavor profile designed to be at the heart of your craft.



Oregon Fruit Puree Calamansi 

A shocking chartreuse color with a refreshing note of kafir lime and tropical breeze on the nose, Oregon Fruit Calamansi Puree (OF-CALA) offers a creamy and rich mouthfeel. On the palate, it’s bright and satisfying with a tangy explosion of lemon, lime, and luxurious tropical flavors. The finish lingers with notes of pith and an underlying orange sweetness.

Loughran Flaked Maize  
In case you missed it, last year our UK partner, Bairds Malt, finalized the sale of Brewers Select to Loughran Brewing Stores Limited, now formally known as Loughran Brewers Select. While the packaging has changed for Flaked Maize, it’s the same product! If BD-FCRN is showing out of stock, please purchase this product under the new SKU: LF-FCRN



Cryofine- Purified Isinglass
AB Vickers / Lallemand’s Cryofine is purified isinglass (AV-CRYF) in a convenient powder form. It’s added to beer at the end of fermentation to speed maturation and improve filtration.

Pinnacle Heritage Pilsner 

Pinnacle Heritage Pilsner (AB-PHPL) is yeast that produces dry, clean and refreshingly crisp lagers and pilsners. The resulting beers have a pure flavor profile with a fine, complex, subtle, fruity aroma and mild palate – yielding a beer with a very clean and crisp aroma, true to a lager/pilsner style.


Liquid PBW 
Five Star’s Liquid PBW (FS-LPBW) can be used for a wide range of pro brewer applications but is especially effective with canning lines and keg cleaners. Mix 1-2 oz. per gallon of water to quickly mix a solution at even lower water temperatures to remove tough stains and soils with less scrubbing.


Star San 
Five Star’s Star San (FS-STSN) is a high foaming, acid based, no-rinse cleaner that is effective and easy to use to clean and penetrate cracks and crevices in the commercial brewhouse. This product is flavorless, odorless, and is biodegradable. Star San reduces water spotting and can be used without rinsing when used at the recommended dilution.