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By Abi Conner

We’ve rounded up our latest product news and reminders all in one convenient place! From new malts and flavorings to innovative product solutions, we’ve got you covered. Add them to your next pallet and stock up on everything you need to support your craft.

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We’ve added more hop varieties in more distribution centers near you!  

It’s now easier than ever to get your favorite hops from Country Malt Group. Add spot hops to your next CMG order to avoid extra shipping fees that add up when sourcing from multiple suppliers, and experience faster hop delivery with our 13 warehouses across North America!

We store our Yakima Chief Hops products in optimal cold storage conditions for your hops, ensuring the best quality and best total value, all in one shipment. Check out the new varieties and products that we’ve added to your local CMG warehouse:




Named for its similarities to the European malt known as ‘Brühmalz, Great Western Malting’s Brūmalt gives a multi-layered addition to your specialty craft beers. It adds depth, complexity and richness to your recipes for an added touch of tart and sweet honey flavors. 

Superior Pale Ale Malt 

Canada Malting Co.’s Superior Pale Ale Malt is a well-modified, aromatic malt with bolder malt flavours and a subtle biscuity sweetness. It is intentionally kilned to a darker colour than other 2-row base malts, providing greater flavour complexities that balance out hop forward beers or provide a good foundation for all other ales.  

Organic Caramel Malt 120 

Produced with organically grown 2-row barley, Briess Malting’s Organic Caramel Malt 120 is roasted to a beautiful dark caramel to produce dark beers with deep red hues and pronounced caramel, burnt sugar, raisin, and prune flavors. It improves foam, enhances viscosity, and contributes golden hues with a candy-like sweetness. Browse our selection of other organic malt options to build your pallet of all-organic products. 

Golden Promise Pale Ale Malt 

Thomas Fawcett’s Golden Promise is a Pale Ale Malt produced from barley grown in Scotland that highlights a sweet, mellow wort and is excellent for both brewing and distilling. It is well-modified, producing consistent extract within the standard ale colour range, great for all types of bitters, milds and stouts. 

BestMalz Heidelberg Malt 

BestMalz Heidelberg Malt is produced using a special German 2-row spring barley that is less prone to coloring during the malting process. It is malted for the lightest color, making it a great base malt in your palest lagers. It has excellent enzyme contribution as well as high extract values and creates a bright and high foaming beer. 


In case you missed it, we have reduced pricing on all import malts, including Thomas Fawcett and BestMalz, due to recent international freight cost savings! Visit CountryMalt.com for the latest price lists.


Harborlite Perlite Grade 500 

Improve the filtration performance in your equipment with the all-natural and easy to handle Harborlite Perlite Grade 500. Due to its structure and properties, perlite is an effective filtration solution, offering consistent results in terms of clarity and helping to produce brighter beers! It’s also non-toxic, sterile, odorless and environmentally safe, avoiding impacts on the flavor or quality of your beers and allowing for easy disposal. 

Oregon Fruit Company Passionfruit Puree   

Oregon Fruit Passionfruit Puree immediately envelopes the senses with a shock of bright chartreuse-yellow and a luscious aroma of tropical flowers. On the palate, it does not disappoint with a light texture and audaciously tangy tropical flavors. This puree will bring passion and tenacity. Add it to an IPA, gose, or wheat recipe to expand your beer offerings!  


Whether you’re looking to sweeten the flavors or add an enhanced mouthfeel, Lactose is a great option for a mildly sweet, nonfermentable milk sugar carbohydrate. Add to your next pallet for your stouts, cream ales, or kettle sours! 



LalBrew LoNa

LalBrew® LoNa™ is a maltose-negative hybrid strain that has been selected to have ideal characteristics for the production of low and non-alcoholic beers. Advanced classical and non-GMO breeding methods were used to select a strain that does not consume maltose or maltotriose, resulting in very low attenuation. 

SafAle K-97 

Fermentis SafAle K-97 is a German ale yeast selected for its ability to form a large firm head when fermenting. It’s ideal for delicate ales with low esters and great for Belgian style wheat beers. Depending on the conditions, it tends to present floral and balanced fruity character. Incorporate it into your next German Kolsch and Belgian Wit recipes!  


Raimo Tote Bag Dispense Valves

Instead of using the discharge spout or cutting the bottom of the bag, use the Raimo Tote Bag Dispense Valves, for easier access and avoiding product loss! The Raimo big bag dispenser can be moved from bag to bag, lasting for years.