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By Abi Conner

We’ve rounded up our latest product news and reminders all in one convenient place! From new malts and flavorings to innovative product solutions, we’ve got you covered. Add them to your next pallet and stock up on everything you need to support your craft.

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In celebration of the infamous Groundhog declaring an early spring, we’re turning our winter hop promotion into a Spring Hop Sale! Not only are we extending the discount, but we’re also adding FIVE hop products to the promotion.

From now until May 31, the following hop varieties and products will be on sale and stocked in all 13 distribution centers across North America:

  • Mosaic® – T90 Hop Pellets and Cryo Hops® Pellets
  • Simcoe® – T90 Hop Pellets and Cryo Hops® Pellets
  • Citra® – T90 Hop Pellets and Cryo Hops® Pellets
  • Amarillo® – T90 Hop Pellets
  • Idaho 7® – T90 Hop Pellets
  • El Dorado® – T90 Hop Pellets
  • Nelson Sauvin™ – T90 Hop Pellets
  • Sabro® – T90 Hop Pellets
  • Chinook – T90 Hop Pellets
  • Ekuanot® – T90 Hop Pellets
  • Cashmere – T90 Hop Pellets
  • Amarillo® – Cryo Hops® Pellets
  • Loral® – Cryo Hops® Pellets

*Discount applies to 2022 and prior crop year only, stocking applies to crop year 2022 only in 1x5kg

We store our Yakima Chief Hops products in optimal cold storage conditions for your hops, ensuring the best quality and best total value, all in one shipment.

Help our warehouses do a little spring cleaning in our hop coolers and take advantage of these lower hop prices while supplies last! Add spot hops to your next CMG order to avoid extra shipping fees that add up when sourcing from multiple suppliers, and experience faster hop delivery by sourcing from a distribution center near you.




BEST Red X® ensures you can reliably produce bright beers with intense red colors batch after batch, with optimum processability. It can be used as 100% of the grain bill and is thus ready for use without the addition of further malts.

Bairds Black Malt (BD-BLCK)

Bairds Black Malt provides a range of  from deep red to black depending upon usage, along with flavours of burnt coffee and char.

Briess Carapils Malt (BM-CRPL)

Add body, foam retention, and stability to your brew without any flavor or color contribution with Briess Carapils.

Canada Malting Co. White Wheat Malt (CM-WWHT)

Brewing a Wheat or Weissenbier this summer? Add Canada Malting Co.’s White Wheat Malt to your grain bill for an outstanding flavour that is made from superior-grade soft white wheat.

Thomas Fawcett Amber Malt (TF-AMBR)

Thomas Fawcett’s Amber Malt is a bold roasted malt with a dark toasty flavour  that is great for your brown ale or porter recipes.

Great Western Malting Vienna Malt (GW-VIEN)

Great Western Malt’s Vienna Malt is created with attention to flavor and complexity, perfect for your full-bodied beers with light biscuity flavors.


Oregon Fruit Peach Puree (OF-PEAC)

Grown in Oregon and California orchards, this late variety peach has an  . Consider this Peach Puree for your upcoming lineup of summer fruit beers or seltzers.

Oregon Fruit Blueberry Puree (OF-BLUB)

Produced using the Elliot variety Blueberry grown 100% in Oregon, this Blueberry Puree is sweet with a hint of tartness. Diversify your portfolio of beverage offerings with a twist of fruit flavors.



American Ale Yeast (AB-PHAA)

Pinnacle Heritage American Ale produces clean and crisp, well-balanced beers with low diacetyl and slight floral hints that allows grain and hop flavors to punch through. Pinnacle Heritage American Ale is a great versatile strain suitable for any recipe that requires a clean fermentation: Pale, Amber, Brown and Summer Ales; Bitter; crisp refreshing American IPA and Session IPA; Porter and Stout; as well as big brews such as Imperial Stout, Imperial IPA or Barley Wine.

English Ale Yeast (AB-PHEA)

Pinnacle Heritage English Ale produces full-bodied, slightly fruity and estery beers with a clean and slightly sweet finish allowing malt and hop character to shine.

Pilsner Yeast (AB-PHPL)

Pinnacle Heritage Pilsner is yeast that produces dry, clean and refreshingly crisp lagers and pilsners. The resulting beers have a pure flavor  profile with a fine, complex, subtle, fruity aroma and mild palate – yielding a beer with a very clean and crisp aroma, true to a lager/pilsner style.


Five Star Chemicals Lactic Acid (FS-LACA)

Five Star’s Lactic Acid is a reliable option for lowering the pH of sparge water and contains 88% solution.