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By Abi Conner

We’ve rounded up our latest product news and highlights all in one convenient place! From new malts and flavorings to innovative product solutions, we’ve got you covered. Add them to your next pallet and stock up on everything you need to support your craft.

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Back to the Base-ics! Below is both a domestic and import base malt option that are brewing supply staples. Every great brew day starts with a solid base malt and these two industry classics do not disappoint.

Great Western Malting Premium Two Row

Powered by the soil of the Pacific Northwest, Great Western Malting uses locally grown barley to consistently create a base malt with the greatest quality and flavors, batch after batch. Great Western’s Premium Two Row is meticulously processed to create a balanced flavor profile designed to be at the heart of your craft. It’s perfect for all beer styles, especially American ales and lagers, producing a very clean, smooth finish. Also available in Certified Organic!

Bairds Maris Otter Pale Ale Malt

Maris Otter Malts are derived from a classic UK barley variety grown predominantly in English fields and have been enjoyed by the world’s best brewers for over 50 years. Bairds Maris Otter Pale Ale Malt is produced from lower protein Maris Otter winter barley and modified to enhance foam formation and palate fullness. Synonymous with biscuity notes, it imparts sweet and flavourful characteristics and forms the majority of the grist for typical UK pale ale style beers – perfect for brewing traditional British ales!


Flaked Oats

Canada Malting Co.’s Premier Flaked Oats are produced with cutting-edge cooking technology using multi-step precision recipes. Unlike some flaked oat products, the process is uniquely designed to target specifications needed for brewers and distillers to produce high quality beverages. Benefits include optimized flavour and mouthfeel, along with added body, high haze potential, brewhouse flexibility, and consistent, efficient filterability. Used at 10-40%, it’s capable of enhancing the overall richness, complexity and depth without imparting a large change in flavour profile.

We’re continuously evolving our product portfolio to provide you with a one stop shop solution for the best everyday brewing and distilling supplies. As CMC’s Premier Flaked Oats provides proven quality and cost-efficiency through multiple brewhouse trials, we’ve made the decision to discontinue other redundant products.
We’ll be discontinuing the following products:

  • Canada Malting Superior Flaked Oats
  • OiO Brewer’s Rolled Oats
  • Grain Millers Rolled Oat Flakes


Lactose is a nonfermentable carbohydrate that is found only in milk and can be used many ways to benefit your final product.  Add it to your Hazy IPA’s to not only boost body and mouthfeel, but to balance hop bitterness. Add Lactose to your stouts for mild sweetness and mouthfeel.


Veterans Blend

Pre-orders are now open for the 6th Annual Veterans Hop Blend!  This year’s blend features Citra® Brand, HBC 638, Talus® Brand, and Sabro® Brand hop varieties! This zesty combo is expected to offer bright citrus, including lime and grapefruit, with subtle herbal notes and pine. Pre-order yours here!

Currently in its 6th year, this hop blend supports and celebrates US military Veterans while collaborating with brewers to create something bigger than beer. Best of all, when you purchase this year’s Veterans Blend, we donate $3 per pound to Homes For Our Troops, a national non-profit organization that builds and donates specially adapted custom homes nationwide for severely injured post-9/11 Veterans. 

Spot Hops

We’ve got spot hops! Reach out to your sales rep or contact us for the latest list of available inventory and pricing. And don’t forget – hops ride for free! Add a box of hops to your next pallet and pay no additional freight.


Fermentis SafSpirit FD-3

Fermentis SafSpirit FD-3 is designed for distilled spirits such as whiskey, rum, and brandy and other fruit distillates due to it’s fructophilic character. This is a neutral strain, but in some cases produces refined and balanced esters.  Only available in select Eastern Distribution Centers.

AB Biotek Pinnacle Brewers Yeasts

  • Pinnacle Heritage Pilsner is yeast that produces dry, clean and refreshingly crisp lagers and pilsners. The resulting beers have a pure flavour profile with a fine, complex, subtle, fruity aroma and mild palate – yielding a beer with a very clean and crisp aroma, true to a pilsner lager style.
  • Pinnacle Heritage English Ale produces full bodied, slight fruity and estery beers with a clean and slight sweet finish allowing malt and hop character to shine.
  • Pinnacle Heritage American Ale produces well-balanced beers with low diacetyl and a clean banana-like nose with some floral hints that allows grain and hop flavours to punch through.

*Only available in Champlain Distribution Center. Coming soon to DC’s across North America.  



Groundbreaking and efficient lightweight PET kegs guarantee top quality for the beverages that go into them, with a focus on sustainable practices. Great for Ready-to-Drink beverages! Shop our OneCircle KeyKegs and UniKegs at a great new price – view all sizes here.



Castle Malting – Fall 2023

We’re excited to announce that we’re adding Castle Malting as a vendor to bring their highly regarded line of Château malt products to our North American customers. Castle Malting is a Belgian company known for their extensive selection of specialty malt products such as their line of caramel and organic malts, as well as specific products such as Special B and Maris Otter.

We’re currently working closely with the Castle Malting team to source a selection of malt products that complement our current portfolio and meet the evolving needs of our customers. The Château products will become available to CMG customers in Fall of 2023. Click Here to be Notified!