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By Adam Hieronymus

In 2022, we launched our Malt Bag Recycling Program, in partnership with our Vancouver, Washington distribution center, Hopworks Urban Brewery, and Vancouver Plastics. This program’s purpose is to create a simple, effective program to recycle hundreds of thousands of empty malt bags each year and divert waste from our landfills. The recycling facilities process the used malt bags to be upcycled in future plastic items, including new malt bags, reducing environmental impact. 

In January 2024, Territory Manager, Adam Hieronymus, decided to kick off the year with a recycling reset. He invited local customers to collect their empty malt bags for the month and roll them into malt bag logs. He then rented a van and drove around Portland and Vancouver businesses to pick them up. A malt bag log is made up of about 40 used malt bags placed inside one bag. Consolidating used malt bags into logs makes it much easier to transport and process. 

Adam stopped by 10 breweries over the course of two days and 163 miles driven. The participating breweries collected over 95 malt bag logs, meaning more than 3,800 empty malt bags were recycled! 

Jake Watt from Trap Door Brewing 

Tony Wood and Eric Surface from Mt Tabor Brewing 

Thank you to Hopworks Urban Brewery, Little Beast Brewing, TPK Brewing, Von Ebert Brewing, Level Beer, Mt Tabor Brewing, Trap Door Brewing, Assembly Brewing, Oregon City Brewing, and Bader Beer & Wine Supply. 

If you missed the reset, it’s never too late to participate! Local breweries and distilleries can drop off their empty malt bag logs to be recycled at our Vancouver, Washington distribution center any time during business hours. These can include ANY brand of malt bags that meet necessary bag specifications. Click here for more information. 

Thanks for joining us in a sustainable new year! 

David Vohden of Oregon City Brewing recycling 14 malt bag logs 

Adam Hieronymus with a van full of malt bag logs to recycle

Steve Hatton from Assembly Brewing recycling 20 malt bag logs

Another day, another van full of recyclable malt bag logs 

Jason Barbee and Shane Watterson of Level Beer recycling 28 malt bag logs 

Our Vancouver distribution center staff helping unload the collected malt bag logs